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Melanoma map shows skin cancer is on the rise in Canada

Rates of melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer, are on the rise in Canada. Those living in southern and coastal areas are most at risk, according to a new study led by McGill University.

Oncology & Cancer

Q and A: What is the benefit of visiting a genetic counselor?

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My grandmother and mother, as well as an aunt and a cousin, have had breast cancer. Another cousin was diagnosed with colon cancer recently. It has been suggested that I undergo genetic counseling to determine ...

Oncology & Cancer

You got your mother's eyes. Will you get her breast cancer?

Sometimes, when you look in the mirror you find your family looking back. It can be a source of pride—in some families, chins, noses, earlobes—even the way your brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles talk and laugh all seem ...

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Does the KonMari method work for clinical hoarders?

Australia is the sixth-largest contributor of household waste per capita in the world. We spend more than $A10.5 billion annually on goods and services that are never or rarely used.

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