Q&A: Women and thyroid disease

I recently read that thyroid issues affect women more often than men. Can you explain what the thyroid is and how it affects my body? Can I do anything to prevent having issues with my thyroid as I age?

Health informatics

Creating an artificial pathologist

A team from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL) in Erlangen has created a new, fast and precise method for clinicians to analyze cells in tissue samples from cancer patients without the need for a trained ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Manifestations of vertigo described in pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring about the onset of or exacerbate audiovestibular disorders, including vertigo, according to a review published online Oct. 1 in Cureus.


Stethoscope 'still useful' in detecting child heart problems

A traditional stethoscope and physical examination is 95% accurate in detecting heart ailments in children and remains a valuable diagnostic tool in an era of increasing reliance on costlier echocardiography, a study suggests.

Medical research

New fertility hope for the sons of IVF

Infertility concerns have eased among men conceived by the most common form of IVF, with new research showing little or no difference in their reproductive health compared to men conceived naturally.

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