Hard to find good help for child sleep issues

A new study by researchers at The University of Western Australia and Flinders University has found a serious lack of expertise in health professionals when it comes to treating sleep problems in children.

Obstetrics & gynaecology

The common women's health problem we don't talk about

As a sociologist and feminist researcher, Dr. Alice Beban is interested in the everyday inequalities in women's lives and has found that issues affecting women have often been silenced, trivialized or ignored—something ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Twitter stress testing: Detecting psychological stress in tweets

Psychological stress is an important determinant of mental health. Its early detection might allow interventions to be made to preclude chronic problems. Writing in the International Journal of High Performance Computing ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Smacking young children has long-lasting effects

Children who have adverse experiences such as being smacked at the age of three are more likely to suffer from poor mental health and have behavioral problems through to age 14, according to a study led by UCL researchers.

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