Psychology & Psychiatry

Community groups a 'lifeline' in post-COVID UK

A new report highlights the vital role community groups play in staving off isolation and forging a sense of identity among vulnerable people—and researchers even suggest using such groups could be prescribed by GPs in ...


Children in care 'suffer poor health for decades'

Children and young people who grow up in care are up to four times more likely to suffer from poor health 30 years later than those who grew up with their parents, finds new research from UCL and King's College London.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

What history has taught us about epidemics

In the 1830s, a deadly cholera outbreak reached the city of Paris, France, where it killed approximately 20,000 people in one month. Many of the wealthy fled Paris for the safety of their country homes while poorer people ...

Oncology & Cancer

The Golden State's mixed record on lung cancer

It was a bewildering moment for Zach Jump, the American Lung Association's national director of epidemiology and statistics. The numbers leaped off the computer screen and prompted an immediate question:

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