Vision trouble can dim life's prospects

(HealthDay)—People with vision problems may face a higher risk of unemployment, poverty and mental health problems, a new British study suggests.


Common problem for older adults: Losing the five key senses

It's a well-known fact that aging can lead to losing one's senses: vision, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. In previous studies, researchers have learned about the consequences of experiencing a decline in a single sense. ...


Statins linked to raised risk of cataracts in study

(HealthDay)—The statin medications that millions of adults take to lower their cholesterol levels may also raise their risk of developing cataracts, a new study suggests.


Researchers find diminished balance in those with poor vision

UC Davis Health System Eye Center research has found that visually impaired individuals and those with uncorrected refractive error—those who could benefit from glasses to achieve normal vision but don't wear glasses—have ...

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