Why do we feel so 'blah' after Christmas?

The holiday season is usually a joyous occasion, but many people feel "blah" soon after the celebrations. What is it about Christmas that makes people feel this way?


Academic education can positively affect aging of the brain

The benefits of good education and lifelong learning extend into old age. The initial findings of a long-term study show that certain degenerative processes are reduced in the brains of academics. Their brains are better ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Having visible tattoos gives psychologists more cred

New University of Saskatchewan (USask) research suggests that to potential clients, psychologists with visible, provocative tattoos seem more confident, interesting, likable, less lazy, and more competent than psychologists ...

Oncology & Cancer

New method predicts drug response of cancer patients

Researchers from Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) have developed an algorithm to predict patient response to anti-cancer drugs. This allows us to identify more rapidly if some drugs ...

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