Psychology & Psychiatry

Best ways to help kids through the pandemic

They're not at school. They miss their friends. And Mom and Dad look worried. Lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic can take a toll on everyone, especially kids.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Is there a cure for cabin fever?

Feeling trapped? Are the walls closing in? Do you have a strange urge to do something a little crazy? Maybe it's not that bad, but after more than a month of distancing yourself from co-workers, classmates, friends and even ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Expert advice for coping when a loved one is diagnosed with COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues its spread across the country, more and more Americans will soon grapple with a diagnosis within the family. Isolating infected individuals, frequently washing hands, and covering coughs and sneezes ...

Medical research

Newly discovered memory process influences decision-making

Learned connections between stimuli and reward—like the positive emotions associated with popular brands—have a powerful influence over our future decisions. Scientists have started to discover why.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Scholar explores positive potential of mobile health apps

During times of stress, we may feel that cellphones only add to our obligations, as we receive a never-ending flood of notifications, news alerts, emails and messages begging for our time and attention. Unsurprisingly, numerous ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why life can get better as we age

People say life gets better with age. Now research suggests this may be because older people have the wisdom and time to use mindfulness as a means to improve wellbeing.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Mindfulness makes it easier to forget your fears

Mindfulness has previously been shown to help people handle negative emotions and is used as a treatment for anxiety related psychological disorders, but the underlying biological mechanisms are not fully understood. In a ...

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