Psychology & Psychiatry

Working memory in psychotic disorders

Working memory—the ability to temporarily store information for decision making and guiding behavior—is impaired in psychotic disorders.


Scientists uncover new facts concerning working memory in children

Researchers from the Higher School of Economics conducted a meta-analysis in which they compiled data across 17 neuroimaging studies on working memory in children. The data shows concordance in frontoparietal regions recognized ...


Study shows where brain transforms seeing into acting

You see the flour in the pantry, so you reach for it. You see the traffic light change to green, so you step on the gas. While the link between seeing and then moving in response is simple and essential to everyday existence, ...


Mice, motor learning, and making decisions

Early understandings of the brain viewed it as a black box that takes sensory input and generates a motor response, with the in-between functioning of the brain as a mystery.


How the brain constructs the world

How are raw sensory signals transformed into a brain representation of the world that surrounds us? The question was first posed over 100 years ago, but new experimental strategies make the challenge more exciting than ever. ...


Researchers map brain activity to improve prosthetic design

High-tech prosthetics allow amputees to engage more fully in everyday life, even to compete in sporting events. Researchers from the University of Houston have demonstrated how brain activity is used to identify different ...

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