Prebiotics could help space travelers stay healthy

Space travel can be hard on the human body, but new research suggests that cultivating a healthy gut microbiome could help astronauts weather the stresses of altered gravity. Researchers presented their work at the American ...


Dietitian answers questions on probiotics

Brian S., from Lincoln, asks, " Can you please provide some trusted clinical studies, books or journals that have to do with how pre- and probiotics are not destroyed by stomach acids or shelf life in order to actually be ...


New research lays groundwork for personalized dietary supplements

A study led by David Berry and Alessandra Riva from the Center for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science (CeMESS) at the University of Vienna has significantly advanced our understanding of prebiotics in nutrition ...


How plant-derived nutrients can affect the gut and brain

Can plant-derived nutrients alter gut bacteria to affect brain function? Scientists from the University of Leipzig Medical Center, the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences and the Helmholtz Center for ...


Scientists name top five foods rich in prebiotics

There is growing evidence that consuming prebiotics—certain types of fiber often found in plants that stimulate beneficial bacteria in your gut—can help to maintain a healthy gut microbiome. In a new study, scientists ...

Parkinson's & Movement disorders

Using prebiotics to help treat Parkinson's disease

Constipation can be caused by many factors, not all of them serious. But it could be a sign of Parkinson's disease. A new study from RUSH neurologist Deborah Hall, MD, looks into how the bowel and the brain are linked.

Sports medicine & Kinesiology

New study sheds light on the role of prebiotics in sports nutrition

A new study has further revealed the potential for prebiotics to support athletic health and sports nutrition. The study, "Effects of 24-week prebiotic intervention on self-reported upper respiratory symptoms, gastrointestinal ...


Postbiotics: The new kid in the gut health family

When it comes to our health, most of us have heard of prebiotics and probiotics and know something about their benefits to our digestive system (even if it's hard to tell them apart), but what about postbiotics?

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