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England may soon abandon mask requirements, minister says

England may soon abandon legal requirements for wearing masks, a government minister said Sunday as the nation waits for U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson to announce plans for easing COVID-19 measures.

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Finnish football fans bring virus back from Russia

Nearly 100 supporters of Finland's national football team who travelled to Russia for a Euro 2020 defeat against Belgium have caught the coronavirus, authorities said Thursday.

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As infections rise, England braces for delay in reopenings

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to disappoint people across England later Monday by saying that restrictions on social contact will remain in place for a few more weeks because of rising infections due to ...

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Singapore to vaccinate schoolchildren against COVID

Singapore will start vaccinating schoolchildren against the coronavirus soon, the prime minister said Monday, after officials warned that new strains were affecting youngsters more.

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Malaysia imposes near-total lockdown after virus cases soar

Malaysia's prime minister announced on Friday a near-total coronavirus lockdown in the country, with social and economic activities to be halted for two weeks to contain a worsening outbreak.

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UK insists vaccines work against Indian COVID variant

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday that COVID-19 vaccines are proving effective against a variant that has spread like wildfire in India and denied the government was being lax on travel from hotspots.


Virus-hit Papua New Guinea starts vaccine roll-out

Papua New Guinea's prime minister launched a nationwide coronavirus vaccine roll-out Tuesday, hoping to quell a runaway outbreak and counter widespread public hesitancy about jabs.


Developing antiviral drugs is not easy—here's why

The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, recently announced the creation of an antivirus taskforce to "supercharge" the development of new antiviral drugs. At a Downing Street press conference, Johnson said: "The majority of ...

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Portugal poised to lift more restrictions as pandemic ebbs

Six weeks after starting to gradually ease an extended pandemic lockdown, Portugal has kept a lid on the spread of COVID-19 and is on track to further loosen restrictions next week as planned.

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