Psychology & Psychiatry

In Canada, psychedelics re-emerge in treatment of depression

To manage her stress and fears, Andrea Bird—who is suffering from terminal cancer—uses psychedelics, which are seeing a sudden re-emergence in Canada as a possible treatment for mental health conditions such as anxiety ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Psychedelic drugs: how the brains of informed users are different

There is a new generation of drug users out there who possess highly detailed pharmacological and technical knowledge about the drugs they take. "Psychonauts" (meaning "navigator of the soul") are enthusiastic and deliberate ...


Psychedelic science holds promise for mainstream medicine

Psychedelic healing may sound like a fad from the Woodstock era, but it's a field of study that's gaining traction in the medical community as an effective treatment option for a growing number of mental health conditions.

Biomedical technology

Microneedle patches for microdosing psychedelic pharmaceuticals

Although one may think of psychedelic pharmaceuticals as being dangerous and detrimental, scientists have been conducting experiments and clinical trials on some of them and have obtained positive results when testing them ...


Envisioning a psychedelic future for psychiatric treatment

Jason Wallach has a vision. He sees Philadelphia becoming a center for psychedelic studies. From his laboratory at the University of the Sciences, Wallach is leading a network of national researchers delving into the mind-altering ...

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