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Iran starts limited COVID vaccinations with Russian shots

Iran on Tuesday launched a coronavirus inoculation campaign among healthcare professionals with recently delivered Russian Sputnik V vaccines as the country struggles to stem the worst outbreak of the pandemic in the Middle ...

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Study finds Americans went out more after face mask mandates

Face masks mandates have led people to spend less time at home, but whether this has exposed Americans to more risk is still a question, according to a new study published Thursday in Scientific Reports.


Helping children clean up their hand-washing skills

One of the best way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, influenza and other infectious diseases is by washing your hands. It can be easy for children (and adults) to forget what it takes to wash well.

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Sweden stands by virus strategy despite tighter measures

Sweden is continuing to pursue the same strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic, despite a recent slew of stricter measures, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven insisted on Tuesday.

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Virus variant blamed for spiralling infection rates

The British capital is to be hit with tougher coronavirus control measures, the government said on Monday, blaming spiralling infection rates on the rapid spread of a new variant.

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