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Aussies taking a toxoplasmosis risk by eating raw or rare meat

The Food Safety Information Council is warning Australians this Australian Food Safety Week not to take the risk of eating raw or minimally cooked meat products or offal as this can greatly increase your chance of parasite ...


Reusable food containers and food safety

The Food Safety Information Council today issued advice about safely using reusable food containers, especially as they are gaining acceptance with food retailers.


The dangers of eating raw meat

Rising energy and gas prices might make you think twice about firing up your stove for a roast or stew. Why cook that meat? After all, your menu could include trendy beef carpaccio, flavorsome wild boar's liver, coppa or ...


Please don't eat raw meat, warns food safety expert

Paparazzi caught Heidi Montag, the former star of the television show, "The Hills," walking around the streets of Los Angeles with a peculiar snack this week—a raw bison heart in a plastic bag. (Stars: They're just like ...


Should you wash your raw meats and vegetables before cooking?

When it comes to food safety in the kitchen, it's important to keep your work area clean from bacteria and the possibility of cross-contamination. It's best to use hot, soapy water to wash utensils, cutting boards and other ...

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