Oncology & Cancer

Conservative management feasible for adnexal masses

(HealthDay)—The risk for malignancy and acute complications is low for patients with an adnexal mass with benign ultrasound morphology who are managed conservatively, according to a study published online Feb. 5 in the ...


The influence of circadian rhythms on atherosclerosis

The internal clock controls all vital functions in the body. Body temperature as well as blood pressure or the release of certain enzymes are subject to oscillations throughout the day, the so-called circadian rhythm. For ...


Recruiting practices is costly

The methods and costs to enroll small primary care practices in large, regional quality improvement initiatives are unknown, according to a recently published article in the Annals of Family Medicine entitled "Engaging Primary ...

Oncology & Cancer

Cutting off tumour supplies

For a tumour to grow, it must develop blood vessels that supply nutrients and oxygen. Preventing tumour vascularization is therefore an interesting anti-tumour therapy that has been explored over the last ten years. But how ...


More job opportunities available for physicians

(HealthDay)—More than half of physicians are receiving up to three employment solicitations per week, according to a report published by American Medical Association (AMA).


In-person recruitment most effective to reach moms-to-be

(HealthDay)—In-person recruitment at hospital-based prenatal clinics produces the highest yield of early stage pregnant study participants, according to a study published online March 7 in Preventing Chronic Disease.

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