Psychology & Psychiatry

Study uncovers key factors for resilience after trauma

Following traumatic experiences, many individuals demonstrate remarkable resilience, recovering their mental and behavioral well-being without external intervention. An Emory University-led study, in collaboration with the ...


Unique brain circuit is linked to body mass index

Why can some people easily stop eating when they are full and others can't, which can lead to obesity? A Northwestern Medicine study has found one reason may be a newly discovered structural connection between two regions ...


How music affects the cognitive health of older adults

Listening to music benefits older adults' cognitive health, even if it's music they haven't heard before or don't enjoy very much, according to a study by Simon Fraser University and Health Research BC researchers.


Macaque study sheds light on brain's perception of static images

We may not realize it, but our eyes constantly make rapid movements—two to three per second—even when we're looking at the same spot. Yet despite these frequent eye movements, we still perceive what we see as a stable ...

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