A step closer to mapping the rodent brain

The rodent Hippocampal formation is one of the most exhaustively studied regions in the mammalian brain but until now, there has not been a comprehensive knowledge base of its synaptic physiology. In a front cover paper published ...

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Italy's Lombardy, Campania prepare virus curfews as cases jump

Italy's northern Lombardy region prepared Tuesday to impose a night-time curfew for three weeks, the most restrictive anti-coronavirus measure the country has seen since it emerged from a national lockdown in mid-May.

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Italy's Lombardy region orders new anti-virus measures

The Italian region of Lombardy, the first European epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, has ordered all bars to shut at midnight from Saturday as it battles a second wave of the disease.


Brain imaging can predict childhood weight gain

A greater density of cells in a key reward center of the brain is associated with obesity in children and predicts future weight gain, a new Yale-led study finds.

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Brain regions with impaired blood flow have higher tau levels

In Alzheimer's disease, impaired blood flow to brain regions coincides with tau protein buildup. This relationship strengthens as cognition declines, according to new research published in JNeurosci.

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Two Spanish regions tighten virus measures

Two northern Spanish regions bordering France, Catalonia and Navarra, announced Sunday new coronavirus restrictions on public life to try to tame a rise in COVID-19 infections.

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