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Listeria outbreak spurs recall of queso fresco cheeses

All Queso Fresco cheeses made by El Abuelito Cheese Inc. have been recalled after being linked to a Listeria outbreak in four states, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said.

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States lift restrictions gradually amid fears of new variant

States are loosening their coronavirus restrictions on restaurants and other businesses because of improved infection and hospitalization numbers but are moving gradually and cautiously, in part because of the more contagious ...


Dubai restaurants offer discounts for vaccinated diners

Dubai restaurants have begun offering discounts to customers who have been inoculated against coronavirus, amid a vaccination drive as the emirate seeks to fight the pandemic without closing its doors.

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French researchers warn of virus risk from eating out

Spending time in a bar or restaurant increases the risk of catching COVID-19, French researchers said Thursday, while having guests over for dinner also plays a key role in transmission.

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As virus cases dip, western Switzerland reopens restaurants

While much of Switzerland is preparing for tighter lockdown restrictions because of COVID-19, the country's French-speaking regions are going in the other direction—allowing restaurants to reopen on Thursday after a drop ...

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