Is salt sneaking into your diet?

Too much salt is not good for your health. This is especially true for people who have high blood pressure. Cutting back on how much you reach for the saltshaker is a good start. Dr. Regis Fernandes, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist, ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

When endings approach, people choose the familiar over the novel

When people believe that a door is closing—that they have a limited amount of time left to enjoy something, such as dining out or traveling—they gravitate to the comfort of something familiar rather than the excitement ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Relief, caution in Beijing as city lifts COVID dine-in curbs

After staying home for more than a month, Chen Chunmei joined a long line of customers at a popular Beijing restaurant where diners tucked into massive bowls of crayfish following an easing of COVID restrictions in the Chinese ...

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