Covax: the global plan to share Covid vaccines

The Covax programme, bolstered by the new US presidency on Thursday, aims to secure enough COVID-19 vaccines this year for the most vulnerable 20 percent in every country, rich or poor.


WHO slams senseless 'greed' prolonging the pandemic

The World Health Organization blasted the senseless "greed" of rich countries considering COVID-19 booster vaccinations while the most vulnerable in other nations were left exposed to the virus.


4 billion anti-COVID shots injected worldwide

Although more than four billion doses of anti-COVID vaccines have been administered around the world, poorer countries are still struggling to secure precious shots despite recent donations.

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We can win the war on Covid: WHO

Humanity is not losing the war against the COVID-19 pandemic and will eventually conquer the virus, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.


200 mn Covid vaccine doses pledged for 'equitable' use

Drugmakers Sanofi and GSK said Wednesday they would set aside 200 million doses of a future coronavirus vaccine for a global initiative to ensure equitable distribution, including in poor countries.


Antibiotics: City dwellers and children take the most

City dwellers take more antibiotics than people in rural areas; children and the elderly use them more often than middle-aged people; the use of antibiotics decreases as education increases, but only in rich countries: These ...

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