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Parenting a perfectionist? Here's how you can respond

Some children show signs of perfectionism from early on. Young children might become frustrated and rip up their drawing if it's not quite right. Older children might avoid or refuse to do homework because they're afraid ...


Exercise habits in youth create better health outcomes for some

Forming a long-term recreational exercise habit as a young person has a beneficial impact on physical and mental health later in life, but some groups, such as females and academic high-achievers, miss out on these benefits ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Monkey see, monkey do: How sideline sports behaviors affect kids

For children's sports, there's no doubt that parents are essential—they're the free ferry service, the half-time orange supplier, and the local cheer squad. But when it comes to sideline behavior, some parents can behave ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Study analyzes the mental health cost of school closures

During the coronavirus pandemic, the mental health of adolescents suffered to an extraordinary degree. To what extent school closures contributed to or even caused this crisis was so far largely unknown.

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