Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Ireland steeled for start of second virus lockdown

Ireland on Wednesday braced for the start of a second nationwide coronavirus lockdown, with fears the new six-week hiatus will deal a heavier blow than the last one.

Alzheimer's disease & dementia

Day services benefit patients with Alzheimer's disease

Day services—programs designed to provide stimulation in a safe environment during the day for adults with physical and mental impairments—may help improve the cognitive function of adults with Alzheimer's disease, according ...

Oncology & Cancer

Cancer care needs mass COVID-19 testing

Thousands of cancer patients in the UK have had their treatment stopped or delayed because of COVID-19, and with pressures mounting on the health service, Cancer Research UK calls for widespread testing to prevent unnecessary ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Lifetime suicide risk factors identified

A review of studies into suicide risk factors at different stages of peoples' lives, as well as of the effectiveness of assessment and treatment approaches, has found that while some factors such as genetics and family history ...

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