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Rise of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea needs urgent action

Gonorrhea is evolving into a scourge resistant to most antibiotics, and urgent action is needed to combat this public health threat, states an editorial in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).


Australian safe sex to save African lives

A new condom company, founded by a recent University of Sydney Business School graduate, is offering Australians the opportunity to help "save a life" in Africa each time they have safe sex.


Advocates: HIV prevention pill could save lives

(AP) -- A pill to prevent HIV infection is already being given to some healthy people, but without government approval, it remains out of reach and too costly for many who need it.


Research gives truckers their voice in the AIDS epidemic

Truckers in India have a high risk of contracting AIDS. University of Cincinnati Professor Shaunak Sastry examined how the truckers discuss this risk in a paper that will be presented at the 100th annual convention for the ...


Zimbabweans get 100 million condoms in HIV battle

More than 100 million condoms were distributed in Zimbabwe last year, a huge increase on previous years, indicating that more people were practising safe sex in the battle against HIV, authorities said Tuesday.

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