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FDA says cows may have caused E. coli lettuce contamination

Outbreaks of E. coli illness that sickened 188 people who ate romaine lettuce grown in California probably came from cattle grazing near the farms, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said in a report released Thursday.

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Vienna Philharmonic says no increased virus risk for orchestras

Vienna's prestigious Philharmonic Orchestra said Monday that a study into how far musicians' breath travels when playing instruments showed they faced no added risk of transmitting the novel coronavirus when performing.

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Europe cautiously eyes an exit from virus lockdowns

European countries took fresh steps towards charting a path out of virus lockdowns Monday as debates rage over how quickly to ease safety measures that are suffocating ordinary and economic life.

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Nations, US states each chart their own path on reopening

Nations and U.S. states have begun easing coronavirus lockdowns, each pursuing their own approach but all with a common goal: restarting their economies without triggering a new surge of infections.

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More Americans recognizing importance of COVID-19 safety measures

(HealthDay)—Americans' understanding of safety measures to protect themselves from COVID-19 is increasing, according to an ongoing survey conducted by researchers at the Center for Economic and Social Research at the University ...


When safety measures lead to riskier behavior by more people

Coronavirus fears triggered a recent surge in sales of protective masks, as well as disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer. Now there's a shortage and concern that even health care providers who must wear face masks won't ...

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