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Can survivors get reinfected with coronavirus?

(HealthDay)—People all over the globe who've recovered from the new coronavirus want to know the same thing: Am I immune, at least for a while? A new study of common coronaviruses is not exactly reassuring.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

US govt reveals details of sunlight study on virus

The US Department of Homeland Security revealed to AFP on Tuesday new technical details regarding its highly anticipated study into how ultraviolet radiation destroys the new coronavirus, saying that its experiment had accurately ...


New research reviews the state of vaccine safety science

A new systematic review provides a succinct summary of the scientific evidence for and/or against causal associations for 47 adverse events following immunization (AEFI). Findings from the study will be presented during the ...


Decline in physical activity often starts as early as age seven

Overall physical activity often starts to decline around the age of school entry. While the proportion of physically inactive individuals rises with age, there still are groups of people who manage to increase their physical ...

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Cognitive benefits of bilingualism overstated: study

The acquisition and active use of two languages has been suggested to train executive functions in the brain, such as focusing attention, suppressing interference from the environment, and switching from one task to another. ...

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