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Virus curbs tighten in Europe as global deaths top 1.3 mn

A swathe of new restrictions to curtail a second wave of coronavirus infections were announced or came into force from Austria to Greece, Italy to Portugal on Saturday as the global death toll climbed above 1.3 million.

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German school finds DIY answer to anti-virus ventilation

Keeping the windows open to combat COVID-19 is easier said than done as winter approaches. One German school believes it has found a cheap and simple solution with a DIY ventilation system designed by a teacher's scientist ...

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Hungary set for partial lockdown as virus surges

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced Monday a partial lockdown aimed at curbing a surge in coronavirus deaths that has sparked predictions of overwhelmed hospitals.

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Europe coronavirus deaths surge past 300,000

A second coronavirus wave ploughed on relentlessly through Europe which reported more than 12 million cases and 300,000 deaths as swathes of Italy returned to lockdown and the British city of Liverpool trialled city-wide ...

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Slovakia imposes partial curfew

Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic said Thursday the EU member would impose a partial curfew to battle a huge uptick in coronavirus cases.

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Study finds Hong Kong children's well-being ranks lowest

In a recent international survey conducted by Lingnan University (LU) in Hong Kong on children's well-being, the overall well-being of Hong Kong children aged 12 and 10 ranked the lowest and second lowest respectively when ...

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