Overweight & Obesity

Physical activity affects boys and girls differently

Being physically active has major health benefits. But physical activity affects boys and girls differently. New research has examined the relationship between body fat and physical activity in children.


Can you be overweight and healthy?

One of the most contentious questions asked in the health community today is whether you can be overweight and healthy.

Alzheimer's disease & dementia

The 3 midlife factors that raise your odds for Alzheimer's

Certain lifestyle factors can sway the risk of dementia, and a new study points to the top threats to Americans these days: obesity, physical inactivity and lack of a high school diploma.

Overweight & Obesity

WHO warns of obesity 'epidemic' in Europe

The WHO said Tuesday that "epidemic" overweight and obesity rates are linked to over 1.2 million deaths annually across Europe, calling for swift policy changes to reverse the dangerous trend.


Prevent heart disease one step and spoonful at a time

During American Heart Month this February, Dr. John Glenn Tiu, a preventive cardiologist at the Pat and Jim Calhoun Cardiology Center, is encouraging everyone to take action to prevent heart disease and also talk with their ...

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