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Is there such thing as an addictive personality?

Most of us know somebody who tends to get over involved in certain behaviors, and the saying often goes that they must have an "addictive personality." But is there such a thing?

Psychology & Psychiatry

When red evokes mischief

The color red is usually associated with inducing compliant behavior with stop signs, warning lights and corrections on a graded assignment.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Sensation-seeking, reward sensitivity and early cannabis use

Sensation seeking is a personality trait that describes a person's tendency to seek out novel and exciting experiences, and a high level of sensation seeking has been implicated as a risk factor for addiction. According to ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Studying links between EI and delinquency

Young women with high levels of emotional intelligence (EI) are far more likely to engage in delinquency than their male counterparts, and those with apparently lower ability to regulate their emotions.


Peer passengers are bad news for teen drivers

Research shows that teens who drive with peers as passengers have increased risks of crashing. Many states have responded by creating graduated driver licensing laws which include limits on the number of passengers teen drivers ...