Psychology & Psychiatry

Too much motivation affects our decision-making

In a good or a bad mood, focused or distracted, our internal states directly influence our perceptions and decision-making. While the role of motivation on the performance of behavioral tasks has been known for more than ...


Why are sounds not perceived under anesthesia?

The purpose of anesthesia is to put the brain into an unconscious state in which stimuli such as sounds are not perceived. In this state, the neurons in the auditory cortex are still stimulated by sounds, but the latter are ...


Somatostatin neurons cooperate in the cerebral cortex

The brain's cerebral cortex is made up of distinct regions involved in myriad processes, from sensory perception to cognitive functions like memory, attention, and decision-making. University of Pittsburgh neuroscience researchers ...


Snacking impacted by smells and tastes

What we smell and taste can trigger substantial changes to food choices later in the day, a University of Otago study has found.

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