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Nasal microbiota is potential diagnostic biomarker for sepsis

The nasal microbiota of intensive care unit (ICU) patients effectively distinguishes sepsis from non-septic cases and outperforms analyzing the gut microbiota to predict sepsis, according to a new study published in Microbiology ...

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Sepsis: Why this deadly condition is so hard to diagnose

Tory MP Craig Mackinlay recently returned to Commons for the first time after suffering from a life-threatening bout of sepsis last year. Since his return to public duties, Mackinlay has spoken candidly about his experience ...

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Sepsis signature shifts speed of diagnosis

Sepsis and septic shock patients could experience faster diagnosis and better outcomes thanks to new Western Australian research.


Does hydrocortisone improve treatment of septic shock?

Sepsis is a global health priority affecting 55 million patients worldwide and causing 11 million deaths annually. Treatment for sepsis may include prompt recognition, source control, antibiotics, fluids, vasopressors, and ...

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What is sepsis? How to spot, manage and prevent it

South African television personality, Derek Watts, recently shared that he was suffering from sepsis and "would basically have to learn to walk again." Sepsis, a life threatening condition, happens when the body has an excessive ...

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