Psychology & Psychiatry

Bipolar disorder linked to early death more than smoking

Having bipolar disorder—a serious mental illness that can cause both manic and depressed moods—can make life more challenging. It also comes with a higher risk of dying early. Now, a study puts into perspective just how ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Mental health ills are rising. Do mood-tracking apps help?

You can already track your steps, your sleep—why not track your mood? Apple's latest software updates for its iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch will now allow users to log and track their moods. They are far from the first ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Our mental models of mental health are off-base

Not so long ago, mental health was considered a strictly personal matter that should be kept out of the workplace. Thankfully, times–and organizational priorities–have changed. Increasingly, managers are expected to be ...

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