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High levels of sexism fuel poor mental health among women

One in five women report sex discrimination and these women are more likely to develop poorer mental health after the sexist experience, according to a new UCL study investigating links between sexism and mental health and ...

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Researchers find video games influence sexist attitudes

There are distinct similarities in the way women are portrayed in many popular video games. Female characters are typically attractive, scantily clad, appear in sexually suggestive ways and generally have limited roles.

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Video games linked to sexism in teenagers: study

The more time a teenage spends on video gaming, the likelier he or she is to display sexist attitudes and gender stereotypes, a study of thousands of French gaming aficionados has found.

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Study shows lads' mags make sexist jokes seem less hostile

A collaborative team of leading social psychologists from the University of Surrey, Clark University, University of Ghent and Middlesex University London have investigated how lads' mags normalise sexism in three new studies. ...


Sexism still a barrier for women working in football

Professional women working in roles across the UK's lucrative football industry are still finding sexism a barrier to success, according to research by the University of Liverpool's Professor Sue Bridgewater.

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Tweeting about sexism may improve a woman's wellbeing

This is one of the findings of a study by Dr Mindi Foster, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada that is published today, Friday 30 January 2015, in the British Journal of Social Psychology. The study was supported by the Social ...

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