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Primary care doctors 'not doing enough' to curb STDs

Julie Lopez, 21, has been tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases since she was a teenager. But when Lopez first asked her primary care doctor about screening, he reacted with surprise, she said.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Seven-day metronidazole better for trichomoniasis tx in women

(HealthDay)—A seven-day dose of metronidazole is associated with a reduced likelihood of being Trichomonas vaginalis-positive at test-of-cure compared with single-dose treatment, according to a study published online Oct. ...


Self-lubricating latex could boost condom use: study

A perpetually unctuous, self-lubricating latex developed by a team of scientists in Boston could boost the use of condoms, they reported Wednesday in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

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