UK plans medicine airlift in no-deal Brexit

Britain is preparing to airlift in medicines with a short shelf life if London cannot strike a Brexit deal with the EU, the government said Thursday.


Time for a makeup refresh?

(HealthDay)—You love a certain shade of lipstick, but do you know how long ago you bought this particular tube of it?


Improved knowledge of shelf life of food

"Best before", "usable at least until" and "expiry date" - those are the Danish shelf life labels used in connection with food. In 2012 a study examined whether the Danes knew the difference between these labels, and in 2015 ...

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Chipotle warns of sales slide as E. coli outbreak expands (Update)

Chipotle warned Friday that an outbreak of E. coli linked to its restaurants is hurting its sales and warned that if recent trends continue, it expects earnings for the current quarter to come in way below analysts' prediction. ...


US bans 'unsafe' trans fats in food (Update)

Artificial trans fats found in everything from margarine to cookies and frozen pizzas are not safe to eat and must be removed from food in the next three years, US regulators said Tuesday.

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Saving lives by making malaria drugs more affordable

Forty percent of all malaria-caused deaths in sub-Saharan Africa occur in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria, according to the World Health Organization. The private sector "supply chain" manages 74% of the drug ...

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