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Unseen infections harming world's children, research reveals

Children around the world are suffering from unnoticed infections that are stunting their growth and mental development, new research from an international coalition of scientists reveals.


Infection tied to restaurant leaves 12 in intensive care

Public health officials say at least 93 people contracted a bacterial infection after eating at a San Francisco Bay Area restaurant and that 12 of them people have been hospitalized in intensive care.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Action against antibiotic resistance begins with the community

To combat antibiotic resistance, scientists need to understand the evolution of bacteria and examine this alongside the characteristics of the populations they infect, according to research published in The Lancet Infectious ...

Medical research

Gut bacteria play key role in vaccination, study finds

The bacteria that live in the human gut may play an important role in immune response to vaccines and infection by wild-type enteric organisms, according to two recent studies resulting from a collaborative effort between ...


Researchers begin trial of Shigella vaccine candidates

Researchers have launched an early-stage human clinical trial of two related candidate vaccines to prevent infection with Shigella, bacteria that are a significant cause of diarrheal illness, particularly among children. ...

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