Oncology & Cancer

Genetic test could guide use of cancer chemotherapy

Researchers from Imperial College London, the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and the Netherlands Cancer Institute, found that the test can predict whether a bowel cancer patient will benefit from chemotherapy. It is thought ...


New options for treating eczema

Patients with severe eczema who were treated with the drug dupilumab experienced a reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life, according to a meta-analysis of several clinical trials published in JAMA Dermatology.


Spinal cord stimulation may help diabetic neuropathy

People with painful diabetic neuropathy may be able to get relief from high-frequency spinal cord stimulation, according to a preliminary study released today, February 28, 2023, that will be presented at the American Academy ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Study shows negative emotions spark success, but there's a price

Tapping into the dark side and using anxiety and anger can spark more success than fun and relaxation—but at the cost of your health. The multi-national research led by The University of Essex has uncovered how the mind ...

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