Skin lightening: the dangerous obsession that's worth billions

Millions of people across the world want to make their skin lighter – but the treatments they use can be dangerous. Mary-Rose Abraham meets beauticians, dermatologists and their clients to walk the line between aesthetic ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Smarter diagnosis for lipoedema

A new handheld device and app will help clinicians diagnose lipoedema – a condition characterised by swollen limbs – earlier and better monitor the success of treatment options.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Contrast between lip and skin color is marker for gender

The contrast between lip and skin colour can quickly identify a person's gender, according to researchers at the University of Montreal's Department of Psychology. The brain also analyzes light reflection in the eye area, ...

Oncology & Cancer

East Asian genes may solve the skin cancer puzzle

Europeans fall prey to skin cancer because of their lighter skin, while Africans' dark skin protects them. But East Asians, whose skin colour resembles that of Europeans, are similar to Africans in their low susceptibility ...

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