Gaining insights into spastic paraplegia

Rare diseases, as the name indicates, only affect a small part of the population. However, for those affected they are particularly challenging, often especially because research into such rare diseases tends to be less of ...

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Genetic mutations not behind monkeypox spread, virologist says

The current monkeypox outbreak is moving faster than any in recent history, but Washington State University virologist Heather Koehler does not see a reason for the rapid spread in the virus itself.

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US officials: States getting more monkeypox vaccine soon

More than 100,000 monkeypox vaccine doses are being sent to states in the next few days, and several million more are on order in the months ahead, U.S. health officials said Friday.

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Skin disease

Dermatosis (plural dermatoses), a noun, is defined as "any disease of the skin," and, while thousands of skin disorders have been described, only a small number account for most visits to the doctor. Uncommon presentations of common diseases are common.

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