Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Video: Measles remains a menace

You don't hear much about the measles anymore, but health officials in Philadelphia are keeping an eye on an outbreak in that city. To date, there have been eight confirmed since the investigation began in December.

Radiology & Imaging

Laser-based system achieves noncontact medical ultrasound imaging

Researchers from MIT Lincoln Laboratory and their collaborators at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Ultrasound Research and Translation (CURT) have developed a new medical imaging device: the Noncontact ...


Muscadine wine shows promise in improving aging skin

Could muscadine wine help perk up sagging skin? According to a new study, women who drank two glasses of dealcoholized muscadine wine daily showed significant improvements in the elasticity and water retention of their skin ...


Scientists devise new way to measure skin barrier function

The skin is the primary physical barrier against harmful substances in the environment. But there is a significant difference in the protective capacity of the skin across individuals. Knowing the health of one's skin and ...


Push to develop mRNA vaccine patches

The global epidemic innovations fund said Tuesday it was working with a vaccine manufacturer to create a patch using mRNA technology, which would be easier to use against COVID.

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