Humans don't hibernate, but we still need more winter sleep

Whether we're night owls or morning larks, our body clocks are set by the sun. Theoretically, changing day length and light exposure over the course of the year could affect the duration and quality of our sleep. But figuring ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Research to reduce insomnia in autistic adults

Researchers from La Trobe University have conducted a world first pilot study investigating a sleep intervention for autistic adults, showing promising evidence at reducing insomnia and co-occurring anxiety symptoms.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Study shows that improving sleep leads to better mental health

Improving sleep quality leads to better mental health and reduced feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress according to a major review undertaken by researchers at ScHARR, The Department of Psychology and The Healthy Lifespan ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Sleep problems can lead to teen depression

New evidence suggests that sleep difficulties, long thought to be a symptom of adolescent depression, might actually come first.

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