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Swiss eye far-reaching restrictions to fight Covid

The Swiss government presented proposals Friday for broad new restrictions as Covid cases surge, including barring unvaccinated people from restaurants and cultural activities as well as home working requirements.


Italian tries to dodge Covid jab using fake arm

An Italian man who wanted a coronavirus vaccine certificate without actually having the jab tried to play the system by presenting health workers with a fake arm, an official said Friday.

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Portugal returns to COVID restrictions despite high jab rate

Portugal is bringing back some tight pandemic restrictions, less than two months after scrapping most of them when the goal of vaccinating 86% of the population against COVID-19 was reached.

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Germany approves new measures amid warnings of virus spike

Germany approved new measures Thursday to rein in record coronavirus infections as Chancellor Angela Merkel called the pandemic situation in the country "very serious" and said it was "high time" to contain the spread of ...

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Slovakia to restrict the unvaccinated to tame COVID surge

Slovakia is planning new restrictions on unvaccinated people in an effort to tame the latest surge of coronavirus infections that has caused a "critical" situation in the country's hospitals, the prime minister said Tuesday.

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Estonia plans new restrictions to avoid lockdown like Latvia

Estonia is considering new coronavirus restrictions on top of the ones that took effect a day ago but is seeking to avoid a general lockdown like the one neighboring Latvia has imposed to counter the rapid spread of the virus.

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Estonia tightens virus certificate criteria as cases rise

People in Estonia no longer can use negative test results to obtain the coronavirus certificates needed to attend sporting events, movie showings, indoor public meetings and other events.


South Africa to start jabs for kids as young as 12

South Africa will begin vaccinating children as young as 12 next week and also offer COVID-19 boosters against certain immune disorders, the health minister announced Friday.


More than 6,500 children injured by golf carts each year

In a nationwide study, a team at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia investigated golf cart-related injuries in children and adolescents and found the number of injuries has increased to more than 6,500 each year in the past ...

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