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CDC study suggests inmates should have been tested in mass

Correctional facilities that resisted mass coronavirus testing for inmates erred in their decision to only test inmates with symptoms, leading to large initial undercounts, a recent study by the Center for Disease Control ...

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Nearly half of inmates at Arizona prison test positive for virus

More than 500 inmates—nearly half the population—of a prison in the US state of Arizona have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, officials said, while at a California prison the virus death toll hit 22.

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Tracking COVID-19 behind bars

Physical distancing to avoid coronavirus exposure is almost impossible in most prisons and detention facilities, which has led to massive COVID-19 outbreaks among incarcerated people and prison staff in New York, Ohio, and ...

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US braces for more virus deaths; Europe hopes crisis peaking

The U.S. warned of many more coronavirus deaths in the days ahead as the global pandemic muted traditional observances from family grave-cleaning ceremonies in China to Palm Sunday for many Christians.

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38 positive for coronavirus at Rikers, NYC jails

The board overseeing New York City's jails urged officials to start releasing vulnerable populations and those being held on low-level offenses as the coronavirus outbreak hit the notorious Rikers Island complex and nearby ...

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US prisons a potential coronavirus 'tinderbox'

As the United States grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, there is concern not only for the elderly but also for another vulnerable population: prisoners.

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Landmark study compiles data on pregnant women in prisons

As an expert in reproductive health care for incarcerated women, Carolyn Sufrin kept running up against a troubling obstacle: She needed prisons to provide hard data that simply didn't exist.

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