3 tips for preventing heat stroke

As a primary care physician who often treats patients with heat-related illnesses, I know all too well how heat waves create spikes in hospitalizations and deaths related to "severe nonexertional hyperthermia," or what most ...


Testosterone therapy reduces heart attack and stroke

Supplementing testosterone significantly reduces heart attacks and strokes in men with unnaturally low levels of the hormone, according to new research presented at the European Association of Urology congress today.


Cognitive, functional decline detected prior to stroke

(HealthDay)—Patients with stroke have steeper declines in cognition and daily functioning up to 10 years before incident stroke compared with stroke-free controls, according to a study published online July 6 in the Journal ...


Procedure to plug a hole in the heart is effective and safe

Closure of a patent foramen ovale, or "hole in the heart," is effective and well-tolerated with low rates of complications, according to a narrative review published today by the Medical Journal of Australia.


How brain cells compensate for damage from a stroke

A study from UCLA neurologists challenges the idea that the brain recruits existing neurons to take over for those that are lost from stroke. It shows that in mice, undamaged neurons do not change their function after a stroke ...

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