Gene discoveries give new hope to people who stutter

More than 2.5 million Americans have a chronic condition arising in early childhood that can negatively impact their education, job performance and employability well into adulthood.


Star-shaped brain cells may be linked to stuttering

Astrocytes—star-shaped cells in the brain that are actively involved in brain function—may play an important role in stuttering, a study led by a University of California, Riverside, expert on stuttering has found.

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Is stuttering linked to social anxiety?

The differences – and similarities – between people with high levels of social anxiety and stutterers are being investigated by researchers at Flinders.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Researchers, clients turn to video to treat stuttering

Fly fishing isn't just a hobby for Tim Sesink, it's a passion. And it comes through in his voice when talking about the complex set of variables—water speed, temperature and wind—that come into play when letting a cast ...


Stuttering linked to rhythm perception deficiency

Stuttering may be more than a speech problem. For the first time, researchers have found that children who stutter have difficulty perceiving a beat in music-like rhythms, which could account for their halting speech patterns.

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