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Calls keep soaring at crisis hotlines: 'It spiked and hasn't stopped'

Since 2016, Mark Trainer has worked as a counselor for Crisis Text Line, a national nonprofit organization that provides a free mental health texting service for people in crisis. On any given day, he talks with texters about ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Suicide watch more important now than ever, study says

A recent study by a team of University of Cincinnati researchers shows that suicide planning, attempts and completions were already on the rise pre-COVID-19. Add a pandemic to a holiday season, when depression and suicide ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Higher suicide risk among older immigrants with untreated depression

The risk of suicide is clearly elevated in the category of older women with untreated depression who were born outside the Nordic region, compared with corresponding Swedish-born women. This is shown by a study from the University ...

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