Q&A: Hydration in the summer

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am prone to kidney stones, so I know it's important for me to stay hydrated while I exercise. But do I need to change what I drink in the summer? A friend mentioned that I might be better with a sports ...


Sunlight exposure found to trigger increased eating in men

A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Israel, working with colleagues from Columbia University in the U.S. and the Institute for Diabetes and Obesity in Germany, has found that exposure to more sunlight ...

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Want to keep Omicron away? Wear a better mask, like the N95

The contagious Omicron variant is straining Florida hospitals. Last week, the state averaged nearly 41,300 infections a day. The vaccinated are less likely to suffer serious illness, but can still get infected.

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WHO warns Coronavirus rising in eastern Mediterranean region

Coronavirus infections have been on the rise in the 22 countries of the eastern Mediterranean region after two months of steady decline because of increased international travel, low protection and limited vaccination, World ...

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