Mayo Clinic Q And A: What to drink to stay hydrated

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I know I need to stay hydrated while I exercise but what is the best fluid? I'm wondering how much I should drink and if I need to drink special water as someone mentioned alkaline water. Is alkaline water ...

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Warmer temperatures slow COVID-19 transmission, but not by much

It is well known that rates of transmission of some respiratory viruses, including influenza, tend to fall during the summer months. As COVID-19 has spread across the globe, questions have been raised about whether warming ...

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As lockdowns lift, 'second wave' concerns grow

As several nations begin relaxing their lockdowns following an initial peak in COVID-19 cases, attention is turning to how they can avoid a "second wave" of infections as social distancing is eased.

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Italy awaits details of life after lockdown

Italy announced plans Saturday to set price limits on face masks and ramp up antibody testing as it nears the end of the world's longest active national coronavirus lockdown.

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US cautiously optimistic as coronavirus curve appears to flatten

US health officials made cautiously optimistic noises about coronavirus despite a jump in deaths Thursday, suggesting Americans might be able to take summer holidays, as falling hospitalization rates hint at a turning point ...

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Italy's daily virus deaths climb to nearly 800

Italy on Saturday reported 793 new coronavirus deaths, a one-day record that saw its toll shoot up to 4,825—38.3 percent of the world's total.

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