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Parenting behavior in adoptive families

Mothers who struggle with depression are more likely to parent harshly and in over-reactive ways, and their children are at risk for a variety of negative outcomes—including more frequent behavior problems. A new longitudinal ...

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Is wedded bliss the secret to good health?

For years, it's seemed like the jury was officially out on marriage being good for your health. But could the changing social landscape mean that's no longer the case?

Psychology & Psychiatry

Mothers' groups linked to positive well-being

A Perth study led by researchers from The University of Western Australia has found that participation in a local mothers' group (facilitated or parent-led) is linked to mothers' who have a positive mental well-being.

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Social mums beat the blues

New mums are at lower risk of postnatal depression if they stay connected with their important social networks.


Finding support for surgery on Facebook

For many, Facebook connects friends, family, and others with common interests. Despite the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, scientists are only beginning to learn how they affect human interaction.

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Squeeze play: How hugs may figure into health

You'll get no argument from most people - especially on a cold winter's night - that hugs make you feel warm inside. But can that good feeling protect your health?

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