Psychology & Psychiatry

Rethinking 'socially admitted' patients to improve care

Labeling vulnerable patients in hospital as "socially admitted" may prevent treatment of medical issues, according to new research in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).

Medical research

Q&A: Alzheimer's and Arab Americans—more research needed

Middle Eastern and Arab American populations may have higher rates of Alzheimer's disease and related cognitive impairments, but researchers don't exactly know because these populations aren't identifiable in national datasets.


Helping clinicians embrace family-centered rounds

If you've ever been hospitalized, you may have experienced this: groups of doctors coming in and talking about you like you're not there or addressing you in a perfunctory manner, using medical jargon you don't understand.

Medical economics

AI aids efforts to cut nuisance alerts for health care teams: Study

A new study from Vanderbilt University Medical Center demonstrates the promise of artificial intelligence to help refine and target the myriad computerized alerts intended to assist doctors and other team members in day-to-day ...

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