Oncology & Cancer

Researchers share insights on the evolution of proton radiotherapy

In a review article published in The Lancet Oncology, Susu Yan, Ph.D., and Thomas Bortfeld, Ph.D., from the Biophysics Division of MGH's Department of Radiation Oncology, and co-authors describe the evolution of proton therapy ...


Two dads, one baby? Gene technique works in mice

For the first time in history, scientists have created mice with two dads, foretelling a day when same-sex couples may be able to have biological children of their own.

Medical research

Wearable microscopes advance spinal cord imaging in mice

The spinal cord acts as a messenger, carrying signals between the brain and body to regulate everything from breathing to movement. While the spinal cord is known to play an essential role in relaying pain signals, technology ...

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