Autism spectrum disorders

Q&A: Telehealth study may help improve access to autism assessments

A study by UC Davis Health and Vanderbilt University Medical Center has found that developmental assessments for autism performed through telehealth may be a good alternative to in-person evaluations. The research, published ...


Three ways to improve diabetes care through telehealth

Grocery stores, airports and beaches aren't great places to have telehealth visits with your endocrinologist. But home can be one of the best locations, giving a doctor helpful insights into a patient's home environment, ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Telehealth makes timely abortions possible for many, research shows

Access to telehealth abortion care can determine whether a person can obtain an abortion in the United States. For young people and those living on low incomes, telehealth makes a critical difference in getting timely abortion ...

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