Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

New sepsis test provides faster and reliable results

Every year some 49 million cases of sepsis occur, and 11 million sepsis-related deaths occurred worldwide in 2017, according to a study reported by the WHO. This accounts for 20% of all global deaths.


How a standard blood test can predict a heart attack

Using the results of a standard blood test and an online tool, you can find out if you are at increased risk of having a heart attack within six months. The tool has been developed by a research group at Uppsala University ...


What your blood can tell you about your health

Blood tests are commonly used to help not only monitor one's health but also to diagnose conditions. A blood sample can reveal a lot about a person's health.


HIV antibodies protect animals in proof-of-concept study

Three different HIV antibodies each independently protected monkeys from acquiring simian-HIV (SHIV) in a placebo-controlled proof-of-concept study intended to inform development of a preventive HIV vaccine for people. The ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Study uncovers new biological marker for scleroderma

A cross-disciplinary University of Alberta research team has uncovered a biological marker for scleroderma that can predict which patients will develop severe disease and could also lead to new treatments.

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