A tick to blame for the alpha-gal, meat allergy

You may have heard about alpha-gal syndrome also known as the meat allergy illness or tick bite meat allergy. In a recent report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says more than 110,000 suspected cases ...

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A meat allergy caused by tick spit is getting more common, CDC says

More than 100,000 people in the U.S. have become allergic to red meat since 2010 because of a weird syndrome triggered by tick bites, according to a government report released Thursday. But health officials believe many more ...

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Q&A: The case of the missing Lyme vaccine

High summer is here, but many heading to forests and fields reach not for shorts and a T-shirt, but long sleeves, pants, and a shot of bug spray, hoping to keep a threat at bay: the deer ticks that carry Lyme disease.

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Facts and myths about ticks

The tick is a parasite that feeds on blood. The good news is that a tick feeds only three times in its lifetime.

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Q&A: How to prevent Lyme disease this summer

The odds of contracting Lyme disease from tick bites during warmer weather months continue to rise. That's due to a series of factors, including changes in climate conducive to maintenance of tick populations over a longer ...

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