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How coronavirus could usher in a new 'golden age' of rail travel

Quietly, outside of the public gaze, a revolution has started on Britain's railways. On March 23, COVID-19 destroyed the railway industry as it had existed for the past 25 years. As concerns about virus transmission grew, ...

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Chinese city in partial lockdown over 'major risk' of virus spread

A northeastern Chinese city has partially shut its borders, cut off transport links and closed schools after the emergence of a local coronavirus cluster that has fuelled fears about a second wave of infections in China.

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Europe ramps up virus response as Italy lockdown takes effect

European nations on Wednesday shut schools and universities and slapped more restrictions on travel, sport and cultural events over the surging coronavirus outbreak, as more countries announced deaths from the epidemic.

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Researchers identify ways to improve care to trafficked children

Newly published research by a CU School of Medicine faculty member and colleagues identifies multiple ways that health care providers and organizations can improve the quality of care provided to trafficked children.

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Chinese city lockdown approaches Shanghai

More Chinese cities, including one just 175 kilometres (110 miles) from Shanghai, were put under lockdown on Tuesday, as the impact of a deadly new virus spread further from its epicentre.

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China expands transport ban to 13 cities, 41 mln affected

China on Friday added four more cities to a transport ban around the epicentre of a deadly virus, restricting the movement of some 41 million people in 13 cities as authorities scramble to control the disease.

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